Fabrizio Gallina

In 2004 he opened and managed Cinecittacafe for 3 years, a revolutionary café and restaurant designed by the well-known architect Luca Trazzi, awarded in 2005 as “caffè innovativo d’Italia".

In 2005 he opened two kiosks in the prestigious "Galleria Alberto Sordi" (Galleria Colonna), the first experiment of its kind in Rome: a high end cafè in an extraordinary context from an architectural and artistic point of view.

Also, he won several awards, such as “migliore caffè dei centri storici Italiani” in 2008.

Within this prestigious context in 2009 he inaugurated the "Galleria" Restaurant, authentic Italian cuisine of high quality.

In 2012 he sold the business when the owners of the property decided to transform the Galleria Alberto Sordi into a cheaper and less attractive shopping complex. Today the bars and the restaurant are closed ...

His experience includes a cafeteria inside the most important Italian shopping mall, "Porta di Roma", which he manages together with illycaffè with great satisfaction. And, a restaurant in front of the Parliament in Rome, serving high quality cuisine in collaboration with important chefs. It is the artful summary of work and passion for Fabrizio, who has his base of operations here.

His ability to perceive new and high-quality opportunities in the most diverse contexts brought him to Havana, Cuba in 2016.

He helped his brother Andrea, (who lives there) he restored a beautiful mansion dating back to 1930, and transforming it in “Paseo 206”, the first "Boutique Hotel" in Cuba, the one and only member of "Small Luxury Hotel of the World" in the island.

10 luxury suites and an Italian restaurant, "Eclectico".

Fabrizio conceived the interior design and the service standard of the hotel and the restaurant, introducing, maybe for the first time in Cuba, the stilemas and the procedures of high-end hospitality.

His passion for modern and contemporary art brought Fabrizio to visit Miami and he discovered the blooming restaurant market.

Therefore he made several trips last year to better know Miami and to explore the business opportunities, meeting purveyors, restaurateurs, and professionals related to the hospitality industry.

The restaurant scene in Miami is very competitive and the average quality increased a lot in the recent years, but Italian restaurants seem to be “old fashioned”, especially for the young consumers (Millenials and Generation Z), who are relevant in the market nowadays.

Fabrizio sees a space for a modern Italian proposal, as the Italian culinary culture is so rich and various, always able to innovate and to reinvent itself. Probably nobody or just a few are serving now in Miami an updated version of the Italian cuisine.

He aspires to propose a simple, traditional, yet refined cuisine, feeling the call of what he considers "origini emozionali".Focusing the heart of the project on the ingredients of many passionate producers he has had the opportunity to discover and appreciate in his professional career. Combining the vibe of the past with modern experience and the progress that the food and wine movement has made in Italy.

Thus the project was born, with the aim of harmonizing different experiences and stories. After a meticulous study of the market, Fabrizio has designed 2 new Italian concepts:

Location is super important and the restaurants will open in two of the most lively areas:

Wynwood where PASTIFICIO PROPAGANDA will bring to the millenials clientele a new version of the “Italian Trattoria”.

Miami Design District, where ECLETTICO will offer an authentic experience of bespoke Italian hospitality and lifestyle.