/e·clèt·ti·co/ chi, nell’arte o nella scienza, non segue un determinato sistema o indirizzo, ma sceglie e armonizza i principi che ritiene migliori di sistemi e indirizzi diversi.

/ec·lec·tic/ a person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

The Concept

We are guided by an ideal: to offer an authentic experience of bespoke Italian hospitality.

I think that a restaurant often represents a manifestation of the fabric of the city: the ambition of ECLETTICO is to be the place to relax, eat, drink, work or socialize under the same roof.

The offer is characterized by an elegant service and warm atmosphere which expresses the best styles of Italian hospitality and flair.

Fabrizio has created his own concept around contemporary Southern Italian cuisine, in order to build a canon of modern and innovative Italian cooking, in which flavor is foremost and the essence of our tradition comes through in every element.

The concept for the restaurant and for the cocktail bar at Eclettico aims to be”the future of tradition”.

My goal is to realize an epitome of the Italian hospitality and lifestyle.

The restaurant / The bar

Seafood and crudos are Fabrizio's passion.

A flawless execution of tasty recipes from the Southern Italian distinguished tradition, that Eclettico unveils with new styles and combinations.

Our signature products are the Mediterranean cocktails, those that inebriate with the essences and avors of the southern coasts of the Italian Peninsula. Lush fruit and citrus gardens, stretches of Mediterranean scrub, aromatic herbs.

The sensory landscape of Sicily excites the imagination of our mixologists. They will create truly glamorous aperitifs, to taste at sunset time or during chic evenings under the stars.

They are really perfect pairings for crudos and carpaccios prepared “a vista” at the bar from our Chefs. Cool experiences to enjoy Italian lifestyle at its best!

Our world

Our cuisine is based on a careful and respectful interpretation of the raw materials, combin- ing traditional and new culinary techniques.

Inspirations come from the South of Italy, crossroads of cultures. Di erent experiences and di erent languages create a sophisticated signature cuisine without frills, yet infnitely good and tasty!

Eclettico welcomes you with the Cocktail + Crudo bar.

A culinary experience able to delight both taste and sight, with the best avors of the sea. Excellent raw materials, and a wide choice of shell, oysters, coquillage and carpacci.

All accompanied by a signature selection of Italian cocktails and wines.

Fabrizio and important sommeliers, who are part of the team, select an extensive variety of fine wines, ranging from the traditional great Italian producers and the most prestigious Domaines and Chateaux to independent enologists, or experts who insist on maintaining the wine’s natural characteristics.

Pasta, with a variety of recipes, will delight the most discerning palates.

A special wood oven will allow us to serve super light and tasty shes and meats.

We consider pizza as haute cuisine, in the selection of the ingredients and in the presentation. Delicious avors treasured into inimitable consistencies: our pastry chef will thrill you with her unique creations.

Eclettico offers its patrons the opportunity of organizing Special Events and Private Dining Parties. All details are taken care of by the in-house events coordinator.

Eclettico's Menu